Why Vitamin C Supplements Make You Feel Queasy & What To Do

That said, you want to find a vitamin C supplement that not only prioritizes bioavailability (absorption rate) but also a gentle absorption experience in the gut. For example, mbg’s vitamin C potency+ contains a potent 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C, along with a rice bran lipid “helper,” if you will, to help usher that vitamin C into the gut and your cells throughout your body.* “The lipid is literally helping chauffeur vitamin C—this water-soluble thing—to make it more agile in the gut for absorption and more agile at the cell,”* says Ferira. Remember: Every cell in your body has a lipid component (aka the cell membrane). “So it’s helping deliver it there for cellular absorption and retention superiority,”* adds Ferira. 

Not to mention, this potent formula features an array of bioflavonoids from 100% whole citrus fruits (like lemon, Key lime, grapefruit, sweet orange, and mandarin orange) to buffer vitamin C from oxidation—that way, the essential vitamin can deliver on its whole-body antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions.* So if you’ve experienced queasiness from vitamin C supplements in the past, “you might want to try this as a new experience,” Ferira adds. “That won’t be the case when we’ve enrobed our vitamin C with lipids and citrus bioflavonoids. It has a gentleness.”* 

By Percy