Supplements over statins not recommended for cholesterol

Dr. Keith Roach

Expensive Dr. Roach: I am a 71-yr-previous female in very good health who is really bodily active. I have been taking crimson yeast rice with CoQ10 to assist with my cholesterol amounts. (My son-in-law, who is a chiropractor and quite well-informed about nutritional supplements, suggested this to me.) My cholesterol degrees are still considerably superior, but my medical doctor has not pressed me to start out a statin drug. My partner and a good friend of ours both experienced significant cholesterol amounts and begun using a statin drug. Both made neuropathy and sense that the drug had a element in that. I do not want to get a chance on using a statin drug.

My son-in-regulation assumed citrus bergamot might be rather much better than purple yeast with CoQ10. I seemed on the internet for citrus bergamot but was not absolutely sure what model could possibly be fantastic to consider.

Dr. Keith Roach

I am hoping you can give me some insight about having the purple yeast rice with CoQ10 compared to citrus bergamot in get to support with my cholesterol amounts. If citrus bergamot would maybe be superior, then I am hoping you can advocate a distinct model that I can purchase. I will be viewing my principal treatment physician soon and will plan to chat with her about all of this as effectively.

— H.H.

Dear H.H.: A quite current review when compared a statin drug (rosuvastatin, or Crestor) with several different health supplements, like fish oil, garlic, turmeric, plant sterols and red yeast rice. There was also a team who gained a placebo. In this stringent trial, rosuvastatin lowered the hazardous LDL cholesterol concentrations by 35%, as has been seen in other reports. None of the other treatments noticeably decreased cholesterol ranges. Even further, rosuvastatin has been shown in several huge clinical trials to reduce the chance of heart assault in men and women at superior possibility. None of the supplements have shown that advantage.

By Percy