Strategic partnerships in health care services: An untapped resource f

I think partnerships are one particular of wellbeing care’s most underdeveloped price-creation techniques, irrespective of furnishing companies with a wealthy ecosystem ripe with creative advancement techniques.

As the overall health care market matures and continues to evolve, securing the suitable partnerships for scaling businesses is going to the top of overall health leaders’ agendas throughout the country. We’re locating that our customers at SCALE Healthcare, comprised of CEOs and doctor leaders, are ever more recognizing that partnerships can not only be a critical accelerant for their development, but also a vital signifies for their corporations to maintain up with well being care’s transforming requires.

There’s a demand from customers additional than ever to increase the bar at wellness treatment procedures as levels of competition stiffens. Suppliers need to continue to keep up the pace by proactively pinpointing how and when they can push enhanced performance by executing, operationalizing, and maintaining new interactions.

Usually, we’ve seen that the major driver of value development in the wellness treatment area has been one specialty increase-on acquisitions or new industry acquisitions in the same business, but partnerships can have a lot of far more benefits than this. They can assist health and fitness care procedures much more proficiently recruit people, create extra referral associations, and generate development throughout the organization. And they can guide overall health treatment systems that are dealing with sizeable fragmentation to have more meaningful concentrations of consolidation.

According to our new webinar on using strategic partnerships, repeat and dedicated interactions concerning two distinct corporations develop price that neither party would have been in a position to produce on their personal. Hence, when completed right, strategic partnerships can outcome in a dedicated, recurring, and synergistic relationship concerning both of those businesses to build a sturdy off-marketplace price proposition.


Outside of scaling an organization for exceptional progress, what external variable should really doctors and wellbeing treatment CEOs consider when forming a strategic partnership? There are several essential sector drivers to imagine about.

Initial, there is a drive extra than ever for integrated health treatment companies in the U.S. Seamless collaboration between distinctive sorts of wellness treatment suppliers has ongoing to be a wrestle for lots of organizations, and the want to proficiently remedy this situation continues to expand. Also, there is a push in the current market towards extra vertical integration concerning payers and wellbeing care service provider groups. And the rising force from companies and the govt to orient cost-for-provider practices to benefit-primarily based rules should be taken into thing to consider.

As the scope of what wellbeing care companies are expected to protect expands, so does the need to have for depth and breadth of protection. At SCALE Health care, we really don’t see the idea of partnerships as unique to substantial organizations. More compact methods, or those at a regional degree, can also benefit greatly. There are quite a few styles of partnerships to take into consideration that can benefit methods of any size. Some illustrations could consist of wholesale associates, vertically adjacent associates, horizontally adjacent companions, ancillary services companions, provider company associates, and strategic execution partners.


Strategic partnerships really do not signify a 10% finder’s charge for sending business enterprise. It could be that the companion acts as spare capacity when essential or they assist drive company plans ahead. If you mail business enterprise to a 3rd party and go away it at that, it is not a strategic partnership. But, if you deliver small business to a 3rd occasion to even further your organization’s efforts in 1 location whilst your associate furthers theirs, it is strategic.

How can your health and fitness care follow optimize a new partnership and what are some ambitions to consider? Achievement could glimpse like:

  • Developing a differentiated offering or setting up entrenchment by way of:
    • Vertical integration, combining knowledge to supply additional holistic, efficient, and greater effects
    • Horizontal integration, these kinds of as combining main care with dental or vascular wellness with podiatry
  • Achieving expansion as a result of consolidation of abilities in equally your procedures
  • Accessing an expanded distribution channel to access new geographic markets
  • Enhancing performance results or solving for distinct execution challenges
  • Growing patient volume or unlocking in any other case hard-to-obtain organic and natural growth
  • Solving unique execution difficulties


The cobwebs all around the standing quo should really be shaken free each year. All enterprises ought to routinely listing everything they want to be very good at and brainstorm how they can get there. These responses can support sort strategic partnership endeavors. Following, list all the methods strategic partnerships could be furnishing, this kind of as reliability, manufacturer growth, or elevated constituents.

For each method, profitable wellness care businesses should really attract on an ecosystem of lively parties. Assume by means of which constituents in that ecosystem could be of worth to your exercise. Small children do not raise on their own, and strategic partnerships are the similar.

Recurring themes for discussion throughout partnerships could involve:

  • How do you make you an interesting strategic companion?
  • How do you successfully recognize, structure, and execute the partnership?
  • What does it just take to properly keep the partnership?
  • What are the dangers?
  • What does failure look like, what typically sales opportunities up to it, and how can we keep away from it?

Last of all, really do not overlook that partnership ought to be a excellent healthy, culturally, outside of measured fiscal gains. In my working experience, the excellent strategic associates that will stand the exam of time align very well with your organization’s society. Believe in and dependability are vital. Equally sides need to listen, prioritize honesty, and share information to acquire the very best outcomes for clients.

Effective partnerships will choose work and motivation, but they can pay out off and are 1 of the most important techniques in creating price and scaling your firm. There are numerous choices out there and methods to generate benefit, but when finished right, strategic partnerships can give prolonged-lasting positive aspects for companies of all dimensions. If you get started by committing time and means to your alliances, you can enjoy the benefits.

Roy Bejarano is the Co-Founder and CEO of SCALE Healthcare, one of the nation’s premier healthcare administration consulting companies.

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