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Ginger is one of the readily-available ingredients in Indian kitchen and is often used in curries and teas to enhance their flavour and nutrition. A popular remedy home for nausea, stomach pain and other digestive issues, ginger can also be added to food in myriad forms for controlling blood sugar levels, support cardiac health, and boosting immunity. Having ginger shots on empty stomach is one of the healthiest ways to kickstart your day. (Also read: Recipe: Choose Iced Ginger Tea or Ginger Milk Tea for holistic health in monsoon)

To make a ginger shot, extract the juice of a raw ginger and mix it with some lemon juice. You can add black pepper or honey to boost the flavour. Make sure to have 1 ginger shot at a time to prevent side-effects like heartburn, acidity, diarrhea, burping among other stomach issues. Raw ginger juice is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial for your health. It also contains zinc, phosphorous, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and B6, dietary fibre, protein among other things.

Here are some health benefits of ginger shots by Dietitian Ambica Dandona, Founder Fitness Formula.

Boosts energy

Do you feel tired and sleepy in the morning, even after sleeping the whole night? You need ginger shot to start your day for that added dose of energy. It helps blood circulation and detoxes your body from all the bad toxins. You feel refreshed and recharged and can replace your cup of coffee with a ginger shot without a worry.

2. Helps with nausea

Ginger shots help with nausea and vomiting. Gingerols present in raw ginger are great for reducing indigestion or other stomach issues. Hence it effectively works to soothe any nauseating feelings. Pregnant women often take ginger shots to relieve nausea, which is also safe for babies.

3. Controls blood sugar levels

Ginger shots are effective for diabetes patients as they regulate blood sugar levels. Since ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, it keeps blood sugar levels in check. Also, diabetes is often responsible for degrading your heart’s condition. Ginger shots also come in handy in this situation as they prevent high blood pressure and heart diseases.

4. Provides relief in indigestion

Ginger helps to move the food inside your body in an effective manner. It treats stomach pain, bloating, and acidity. People with gastric issues can also consume ginger shots for a better digestive system. The enzymes in ginger aid in proper digestion of the food, leading to increased metabolism in your body.

5. Soothes muscle pain and menstrual pain

Ginger contains paradol, gingerol, and shogaol, which are anti-inflammatory in nature. Inflammation can lead to muscle pains, joint pains, and swelling; ginger shots can help soothe this pain. Also, this is very effective in dealing with menstrual cramps. It acts as a blood stimulator and alleviates nausea, headache, and stomach pains during menstruation.

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