Nutritional benefits a plenty in Nebraska beef


Industry experts speak to positive health impacts, more


Beef and Nebraska go hand-in-hand.
As May pushes forward, so too do the celebrations for National Beef Month. Though beef is oftentimes brought up in Hamilton County and beyond as a commodity product, what do some of the experts have to say about just why Nebraska beef is the best? What is so good about it?
“In honor of May being Beef Month, I thought I would dedicate some time and words to the protein source that not only supports our bodies but also our community,” wrote Hannah Guenther, food, nutrition and health Nebraska Extension educator. “With a lot of misinformation clogging the airways about animal agriculture, I think it’s important to shed light on the truth of what comes with eating beef and some ways to enjoy it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”
For many people in Nebraska and across the United States, some form of beef is a staple in their diet.
“Nebraska beef provides big nutrition in a small package,” argued Mitch Rippe, director of nutrition and education for the Nebraska Beef Council. “We have all the great resources here in the state of Nebraska to produce some of the highest quality beef, really, in the world.”

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By Percy