Expert reveals the ‘only Ayurvedic supplement you need’ to remain healthy; can you guess?

The importance of consuming a balanced diet and leading an active lifestyle to maintain one’s health and fitness is known to all. However, apart from diet and exercise, it also sometimes becomes necessary to consume certain supplements to fulfil the body’s nutritional requirements that are not met otherwise.

But with tons of information about these supplements available, it may get confusing to pick the right one for yourself. Worry not; you can put all your worries to rest as Ayurvedic expert Dr Rekha Radhamony revealed “the only Ayurvedic supplement you need”.

Wondering what is it? it’s Amla!

She said, “Amla is one of the top rasayana herbs in Ayurveda – rejuvenating and anti-ageing.” “It is food plus medicine, and balances all three doshas and is good for all body types. It is a great source of vitamin C and is good for skin, hair, eyes, heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys and stomach among others,” she added.

How to consume amla?

Here’s how you can consume this Ayurvedic superfood for various concerns, according to Dr Radhamony.

*Vata imbalance: Have 5 grams of amla powder with sesame oil before or after your meal.

*Pitta imbalance: Have 5 grams of amla powder with ghee before or after your meal.

*Kapha imbalance: Have 5 grams of amla powder with honey before or after your meal.

She explained that though amla has a predominant sour taste, it has a sweet post-digestive taste. “This makes it pitta decreasing instead of increasing. Hence, it is a great cooling herb and effective medicine for skin conditions.”

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By Percy