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In the news release, A New Era for Natural Performance-Enhancing Supplements Has Arrived – Manage Your Cortisol & Master Your Mojo™ with Rebalance, issued 03-May-2022 by Rebalance Health over PR Newswire, we are advised by the company that the link in the first paragraph should read “RebalanceHealth.com” rather than “ReblanceHealth.com” and the fourth and fifth paragraphs product mentions should be “Dream Catcher” rather than “Dreamcatcher” as originally issued inadvertently. The complete, corrected release follows:

A New Era for Natural Performance-Enhancing Supplements Has Arrived – Manage Your Cortisol & Master Your Mojo™ with Rebalance

Innovative Natural Supplements Optimize Human Performance Through Daily Cortisol Modulation, Maximizing Recovery & Production of Critical Wellness Hormones for Men & Women

Rebalance Health Inc., Adds, Fabian Seelbach, to Board of Directors

BOULDER, Colo., May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rebalance Health, Inc., the health and wellness innovators emphasizing cortisol’s critical role in optimizing human performance, today announced that Rebalance – an innovative system of “Superceuticals™” – is now available at RebalanceHealth.com. The Rebalance system modulates daily cortisol levels to significantly enhance sleep and recovery, while maximizing the body’s natural production of critical performance and wellness hormones for men and women.

(PRNewsfoto/Rebalance Health)

(PRNewsfoto/Rebalance Health)

Industry projections for testosterone and human growth hormone (hGH) supplements are set to reach a staggering $4.8B by 2025. However, deficiencies in these key hormones are primarily symptoms of a larger issue and are being treated as such by a majority of the products on the market. Rebalance goes much further, addressing cortisol imbalances as a root cause of these deficiencies, as well as a host of other critical aspects of health and wellness that are positively or negatively influenced by high, or low, levels of cortisol in the body. Effective management of cortisol levels is a critical factor to ensuring the body is functioning at its peak, especially as consumers age into their mid 30’s and beyond.

“It’s amazing that something as instrumental to our daily and long-term performance as Cortisol, has been so widely ignored for so long within the mainstream health and supplement industries, and we aim to change that by bringing the immense benefits of cortisol management to for forefront with Rebalance,” said Justin Hai, president & CEO, Rebalance Health, Inc. “Mass marketing has duped consumers into believing that to improve performance, we simply need to add more of this or that to our body. But in reality, our body has the ability to produce what we need, and cortisol management is the unlock to getting our body to maintain hormonal levels that will optimize performance at every stage of our lives.”

Consumers looking to master their mojo and optimize performance can take a “1 – 2 – Z approach” with the Rebalance system’s three core products: Energize + Relax and Dream Catcher. The simple process begins with an Energize lozenge to start the day, followed by a Relax lozenge approximately 12 hours later. Combined, these two supplements provide the optimal cortisol balance needed for consumers to perform at their peak throughout the day, modulating higher cortisol levels in the morning to charge our day and lower levels in the evening when we need to wind down. The daily system is completed with Dream Catcher taken 30 minutes prior to sleeping for optimal sleep and recovery.

Specifically designed for men and women, Rebalance is available now for $144 with free shipping. The Rebalance System™ includes a 30-day supply of Energize + Relax and Dream Catcher and is available via a monthly subscription or one-time purchase.

Collectively, The Rebalance System™ is constructed of all-natural, holistic ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Maca, Beet Root Powder, Vitamin B6, and Horny Goat Weed, among others. The key delivery mechanism of these natural ingredients is the proprietary Directline, a lozenge-based delivery methodology that supports increased bioavailability of Rebalance Superceuticals significantly over and above that of traditional supplements.

In addition to announcing the availability of Rebalance, Rebalance Health Inc., announced the newest member of its board of directors, welcoming Fabian Seelbach, President at goop. Prior, Seelbach was the Chief Marketing Officer at Curology, a direct-to-consumer telemedicine start-up offering customized prescription skin care.

“When Justin approached me about Rebalance, I was immediately attracted by the significant market opportunity for a product rooted in cortisol management,” said Fabian Seelbach. “Rebalance is backed by an incredible team of health and wellness innovators, and I’m confident it will make a significant impact in the supplement industry.”

For more information on Rebalance Health’s products and to purchase the product now, please visit www.RebalanceHealth.com or check out Instagram and Facebook.

Rebalance Health, Inc. is an optimal health and performance company reinventing how and why we take supplements, aka nutraceuticals. Rebalance Superceuticals™ are their evolutionary proprietary biotechnology, providing greater delivery of natural ingredients that optimize performance by balancing cortisol levels in the body, creating a positive cascading effect on hormones. Rebalance Health aids in optimizing health and performance by rebalancing cortisol – sometimes called the “stress hormone” – testosterone and human growth hormone levels in the body, helping to improve everything from strength to body fat composition to focus, sleep and libido. Led by an esteemed team of medical experts and knowledgeable board members in health & wellness categories and utilizing its proprietary and innovative biotechnological Subperceptual, Rebalance Health is well equipped to empower people to reach their full and complete potential as a human being.

(PRNewsfoto/Rebalance Health)

(PRNewsfoto/Rebalance Health)



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