4 Best Vet-Recommended Cat Calcium Supplements for Kitties Who Need a Little Extra
Cat Seaweed Calcium Supplement product

Cat Seaweed Calcium Supplement product

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Most cats receive the typical daily recommended amount of calcium in a commercial cat food diet. However, according to Jonathan Roberts, BVSC, a remote veterinarian at petkeen.com, there are several conditions that can cause low calcium levels in cats including:

  • Eclampsia (aka “milk fever”): This can occur in lactating cats within the first few days of nursing.

  • Hypoparathyroidism: A metabolic condition characterized by low calcium and high phosphate.

  • Poor nutrition: If your cat is not getting a well-balanced diet from cat food or is suddenly not eating enough (which could point to other health conditions).

“Oral supplementation of calcium may be beneficial in treating the above diseases. Cats require between 0.5 and 1 gram of calcium per day,” Roberts says. “Vitamin D should always be included in any calcium supplement to increase calcium absorption in the intestines.”

Sean J. Delaney, BS, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Nutrition), founder of Balance It and Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist, suggests a calcium supplement that is easily digested and absorbed and that can be administered successfully. “Generally this means a calcium salt such as calcium carbonate or calcium citrate that is a powder or powderized from a tablet form and then mixed with food.” He also suggests avoiding dicalcium phosphate “as it also introduces phosphorus and can be derived from bone (an antigenicity concern for some cats with food allergies).”

As with any supplement, always check with your veterinarian before giving them to your cat to make sure it’s right for their health and dietary needs. Here are a few good options to discuss with your cat’s vet:

Zoetis Pet Cal Tablets

This product was recommended by Roberts who says: “This is a highly palatable supplement that has the correct ratios of calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D. It is easily accepted by dogs and cats as a treat or can be crumbled over food.”

Shop now: Zoetis Pet Cal Tablets, $17; amazon.com

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Zoetis Pet Cal Tablets

Zoetis Pet Cal Tablets

Seaweed Calcium by Animal Essentials

This product is 100-percent natural and is derived from human-grade calcified seaweed. Roberts recommends a vitamin D supplement be added separately if your veterinarian determines extra vitamin D is needed.

Shop now: Seaweed Calcium by Animal Essentials, $27; chewy.com

Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium Dog and Cat Supplement

Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium Dog and Cat Supplement

Pet’s Friend Eggshellent Calcium Fine Eggshell Powder Calcium Supplement

Each serving of this calcium supplement delivers 1,900 mg of elemental calcium in the form of eggshell. The powder uses pasteurized eggs that are ground into an ultra-fine texture without any artificial ingredients or fillers. For an average-sized cat, mix one teaspoon of the eggshell calcium powder into one pound of your cat’s pet food, or use as directed by your veterinarian.

Shop now: Pet’s Friend Eggshellent Calcium, $33; amazon.com

Pet's Friend Eggshellent Calcium Supplement for Pets

Pet’s Friend Eggshellent Calcium Supplement for Pets

Doc Roy’s Healthy Bones Calcium Phosphorus Supplement

This calcium phosphorus powder supplement can be used in kittens and cats and comes in roast beef and liver flavor. It has an ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus for maximum absorption.

Shop now: DocRoy’s Healthy Bones Calcium Phosphorus Supplement, $55; amazon.com

Revival Animal Health Doc Roy's Healthy Bones Calcium Phosphorus Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Revival Animal Health Doc Roy’s Healthy Bones Calcium Phosphorus Supplement for Dogs and Cats

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